*The best old Tetris game. This is the best version of Tetris I found once on the web. I like it very much and you can enjoy it too*

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to start the game:

click anywhere in the Tetris window and press any key to begin

keybord keys:
left: "J", or LEFT arrow

right: "L", or RIGHT arrow

rotate: "I", or UP arrow

down: "K", or DOWN arrow

pause: "P", or SPACEBAR

Tetris controls

How to play the Tetris better?

Tips for the Tetris game:

1. Try not to place the obvious pieces too fast. Watch the preview window to see the next piece and decide where to place it. In the Tetris game it is important to build up a solid wall without creating any holes.

2. When you clear two or free rows in Tetris at a time you get much more points then you could get by clearing one line three times! Much more... So you can also try to think how to create these opportunities... Try it...

3. Try to keep the wall of blocks low and compact. Build some strategy for the blocks placing. It is crucial especially when the game starts to accelerate. Don't create high vertical columns. Instead of placing pieces vertically try to place them horizontally.

4. When it is not possible to place the piece without any hole and you have to overhang it, try to slide the next piece or one of the next under it. When there is no way, try not to build too much above the hole.

5. When you approach higher levels, don't play with the pieces too much try to keep the game at the bottom. As the game become fast, there is no time for some points strategy.


for more Tetris tips and tricks try to search the internet: