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Tetris Tip 1

It's better to try to place pieces horizontally, then to create columns. Keep the wall as low as possible.
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Tetris Tip 2

When you have to leave a hole in Tetris somewhere as an "overhang" you can then slide the next piece under it. Just press and hold left or right control before that hole and the piece will slide into...
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Tetris Tip 3

Watch the preview window. When you know, where to put the next block, the game is getting easier.

And you can place the actual piece considering the upcoming piece position.

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Tetris Tip 4

And be creative! Don't just play the obvious solutions. There is some place for thinking in the Tetris game too. And you also adopt some advance techniques that you find helpful at higher levels/speeds of the game.
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Tetris Tip 5

Also, keep in mind that it's much more valuable to clear more lines at a time then to clear single lines all the time..
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Tetris Tip 6

In the above example the four lines cleared in the same time gave 300 points instead of the 40 points if it was cleared separately.
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Tetris Tip 7

In this case, I wanted to put the next blue piece in the middle to clear three lines. It would be great. But then when the blue one came I saw the next red pice in the preview window. So I decided to put aside the blue piece and clear four lines with the red one instead. In this case it's three times more points I guess.
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Tetris Tip 8

This can happen when you wait for a suitable piece too long and the game doesn't want to give you :)
It was no problem at the basic level, but at higher levels it could be deadly...

So at higher speed it might be better not to complicate it too much and focus to clear the lines in some easier way from the begining..

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